Inductor Design Tool

Micrometals Inductor Design Tool

The Micrometals Inductor Design Calculator allows users to log in and select from two different inductor applications:

  1. Design of DC inductors used in DC/DC converters
  2. Design of a Power Factor Boost Inductor, commonly referred to as a PFC choke.

The calculator accepts the following user defined design requirements as inputs:

  • Inductor Current
  • Required Inductance at full Inductor Current
  • Switching Frequency of the Converter
  • Inductor Voltages during the "ON" and "OFF" times of the switch (for ripple current calculation of DC Inductors)
  • RMS Input and DC Output Voltages (for ripple current calculation of PFC Boost Inductors)
  • Core Geometry (Toroid or ECore)
  • Core Stacking
  • Preferred Toroid Winding technique (Fully Wound or Single Layer)
  • Ambient Conditions

This program will automatically calculate and display:

  • Part Number
  • Approximate unit price
  • Required Number of Turns
  • Wire Size
  • Winding Resistance, including Temperature and Skin Depth Effects
  • Bpk - Peak AC Flux Density
  • Inductance at Zero Current and Full Current
  • Core Loss
  • Copper Loss
  • Temperature Rise
  • Core Dimensions, both bare core and wound core

This calculator allows the design engineer to quickly work up multiple design solutions based on user specified electrical requirements and manipulate results to maximize core size, cost and efficiency. All results can easily be exported for further evaluation.